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The Indispensable Experience


by Pastor Aloysius C. Ohanebo

Text: John 3:1-12

We come to this crucial and widely misunderstood and sometimes mocked at topic among ignorant masses: “being born again”.


THE indispensability of this experience is unquestionable, given the fact that the information on it came from none else than the Lord, who is God’s truth (Word) personified (John 1:1, 14; 14:6) and who, in the days of His flesh spoke nothing but that which God gave Him (John 7:17; 8:26,28; 12:49,50).

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Due to some unforeseen circumstances that befell many of our members and  the poor enthusiasm that was generally shown towards registration and payment for this year’s National Retreat, we were not able to realize the necessary funds to make our trip to North Carolina possible. Mt Horeb 2013 will nevertheless still hold at the different Watchman centers from Dec. 23 to Dec. 25.


Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement

(Evangelistic arm of Voice of the Last days Ministry)

9500 Annapolis Road, #A5&6

Lanham, MD20706

Charismatic Week 2013

Theme: I Shall Not Be Stopped

Texts: Lk.12:32; Numbers 13:26-30; 14:6-8

Day  1


As we come to spend this week in the presence of our great God, it is necessary that we use the occasion to reassert our authority, rights and privileges as the children of the most high God. Our relationship with and service to God is one that carries immense potentials for all kinds of blessings and dominion both in the spiritual and in the physical. However, these blessings and privileges are Continue reading CHARISMATIC WEEK: I SHALL NOT BE STOPPED