End Of Year Night Vigil: Forward Ever

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement

(Evangelistic arm of Voice of the Last Days Ministry)

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End of year night vigil (12/31/2013)


Topic: Forward ever

Text: Exodus 14: 13-16.

Introduction: Coming on the heels of the wonderful Mount Horeb encounter (the retreat for December 2013), we have another privilege of coming to the presence of the Lord to mark the end the year 2013. We are bidding the year farewell with the topic, ‘Forward Ever’. The saying “forward ever and backward never” is common among the children of men. This is in agreement with the wishes and designs of our God because ours is a God of progress. We shall look at the backwardness of the past and then encourage ourselves to ever move forward.

The backwardness of the past

The children of Israel had just been liberated by the power of God from a bondage that had spanned over four hundred years. As they were marching to promised land, Pharaoh and his army pursued them and this made the children of Israel really afraid— they thought that their enemies were about to take them back into suffering and another bondage; but God instructed that they move forward.

Like the children of Israel, we may have suffered a number of setbacks, met some disappointments or been attacked by the enemy in the year that is ending tonight. All those situations of suffering and disappointment are agents of backwardness and they are in the past and must remain in the past in Jesus name.

Forward ever

Israel eventually crossed the Red Sea by the power of God never to go back into Egyptian bondage again in their history. Similarly, we have survived the various situations and challenges that came our way in this past year, and we’re crossing over into a year of fulfillment never to be returned to the failure, disappointment and afflictions of the past in Jesus name. God wants us to move forward into the year 2014 accompanied by His power, mercy and favor hence the year 2014 is our year of fulfillment.

If you believe this then rise up and let us pray.

Mount Horeb 2013: The Watchman’s Eleventh Hour Business




(Evangelistic arm of the Voice of the Last Days Ministry)

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Lanham MD 20706

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TEXT:                        ISAIAH 49:5 – 6

PERIOD:       Monday 23rd  – Wednesday 25TH DECEMBER, 2013



The Lord has given the WCCRM what is obviously “an eleventh-hour business”. As many as are aware, an outline of this business was announced to the head of the Ministry in April 2001.  This was as he was returning from one of the evening ministrations during that 14-day historic evangelistic campaign in Mbaise with about 12, 000 Watchman, entitled, “Mbaise on the Hill”.

It is this business that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the God of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement would have us review and draw inspiration, lessons and favor from. So let the pastor, the workers, the youths, the children and all invitees give ear to what He has to say as doing so will usher them into the benefits of this December retreat. We go through the following subheadings:-

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Mount Horeb 2013: Preparatory Message I & II



(Evangelistic arm of the Voice of the Last Days Ministry)





Text:                           Exodus 12:1-13, 21-23, 29-37. Exodus 19:9-20. Isaiah 40:3-5


Introduction: It is necessary that we open our teaching on this topic with this fact, namely: entering and remaining in relationship with God and continually enjoying the associated benefits have laid down rules that must strictly and continually be observed ( Exodus 19:5, Deuteronomy 5:29, 28:1. 1Kings 3:14; James 1:25 ).  Rules in this context mean laws designed to control behavior that must be observed by people. For example, players in a game, sport or contest have to abide by the game’s rules.

It therefore follows that if we must continue to be in relationship with God and experience the METAMORPHOSIS he has scheduled for us this time around, and in this retreat, we must then observe the rule that says for every divine visitation of God, there must be a preparation by the people of God. Now, preparation is defined as (i) the state of being made ready before hand; (ii) preliminary measures that serve to make ready for something, e.g. preparations for the wedding reception. Let us now proceed to see how the above rule worked in previous Biblical occasions, and then draw our lessons for our day.

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