What Is Your Testimony?

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement
(Evangelistic arm of the Voice Of The Last Days Ministry)
9500 Annapolis Road, #A5, Lanham, MD 20706

As we journey through THESE VERY LAST DAYS, filled with satanic sights and sounds on every side and deliberately aimed at destabilizing, distracting, demoralizing and if possible, dislodging us from THE SOON COMING Bishop and Shepherd of our souls – The Lord Jesus, we must recognize afresh the import of, and take full advantage of our every gathering, be it the weekly meetings, or the special periodic gatherings such as the one we are into this December (cons. Hebrews 10:25 and cp Acts 2:42, Psalm 119:63). We must consciously open our hearts to eat (that is, let or taken in) what The Lord has for us at such a time as this (Deut 8:3 Psalm 119:103, Job 23:12, Jeremiah 9:20; 10:1, Matt 4:4, John 6:48,50,51,53,54. (contrast Jn 8:43,47), Acts 2:41)
The Lord’s Message before us at this point is derived from the above GREAT AND SEARCHY QUESTION – “WHAT IS YOUR TESTIMONY?” And as is usual, it is the message of the hour for everyone that has something to do with The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement – the child of accountability age; the boy and the girl; the man and the woman; the husband and the wife; the master and the servant; the white, the black and the coloured; the bachelor and the spinster; the student, the teacher and the worker; the businessman and the businesswoman; the old and the young; the rich and the poor; the sick and the healthy; the enlightened and the unenlightened; the privileged and the underprivileged; the naturally gifted or endowed; the Christian worker and the minister; the ones courting to marry or waiting for the Church’s ratification of their marriage; the widow and the widower; the ones The Lord is calling into Ministry; the ones living in their native countries and those living abroad; the “old soldier” and the new entrant, and whoever else that is among us.

New Year’s Greeting

Happy New Year to all the Watchmen in the United States. All glory and praise to God who has led us powerfully from 2014 to this year. This is a year that the Lord has promised that we would not only pursue and overtake the enemies in our life and ministry but that we shall also recover that which the enemies had taken. May God, whose promises are ever sure, guide each and everyone of us and richly bless us as we re-dedicate ourselves to his work this year!

Remember that from now till January 25 we (WCCRM-USA) are on our usual leave/vacation, and as such, full weekly and weekend activities will commence on the 25th of January, 2015. However, since we are not completely going to be devoid of God’s ministrations during this brief vacation, we shall have brief weekly Sunday Light meetings from 10 am – 12 pm each week (no weekday activities) till January 25. Remain Blessed!

Yours In Christ,

USA Regional Pastor,

Pastor Timothy Okeke.