The Peaceful Family

Texts:Ephesians 6:4; Colossians 3:21

True life, both physical and spiritual, emanate from the home and from such homes there is peace and encouragement. If it becomes painful and discouraging then the home is not worth living at all. In the family there are duties for every member. None of the members should sit aloof or hang on the balance. The parents are examples to their children, in conduct and caring far above their jobs and profession, ministry in the church or social standing. It is the responsibility of the parents to give their children the upbringing that prepares them for lives pleasing to God. It is the family, not the church or school that is primarily responsible. The above will not be possible unless the parents are living as Christians and not as warring factions, enemies or cohabitants.

Their basic duties to their children are as follows:-
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Annual National Mid-Year Fasting & Prayer Week 2015: Heal Our Land Oh God!

Watchman Catholic charismatic Renewal movement
(Evangelistic arm of Voice of the last Days ministry)
9500 Annapolis Road, #A5 &6
Lanham, MD 20706.
Annual National Mid-Year Fasting & Prayer Week  2015
(June 22- 28, 2015)

Theme: Heal Our Land oh God.
Text: II Chronicles 7:12-16.


Spiritual healing/ healing the church.
—Very brief exhortation based on our text emphasizing the need for repentance from every sin one may have fallen into and forgiveness of one another.
—Ask God to forgive you in any way you may have sinned against him and fallen short of his grace. Forgive those that may have offended you.
—Pray for the forgiveness of sins of individual members of the church.
—Ask the Lord to heal and sanitize his church and put commitment in the hearts of people that we have come to serve God and not man.
—Tell the Lord to make his power to be greatly manifest on this program; to do signs and wonders.
—Ask the Lord to bless and surprise those that participated on this first day of the program so that others will be motivated to join.
—Let us pray for the entire church, the body of Christ generally irrespective of denomination; tell the Lord to bring a great revival to the church.
—Tell the Lord to add daily to the church, those that should be saved.
—Any other need as local situation may warrant.


Healing the body
—This is the day to deal with all sicknesses and diseases. Lets us call upon the Lord to stretch forth his hand and cure the incurable and heal the unhealed so that his name may be glorified.
—Pray that the Lord will bestow the gift of healing to all our ministers and workers so that we can actually fulfill our ministry of being a means of blessing to the people.
—Pray that our fellowship meetings will be avenues of healing and by this, the people will be drawn to the Lord.
—Any other health need as local situation may warrant.
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