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The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (WCCRM), an evangelistic arm of the Voice of the Last Days Ministry, is a Christian organisation divinely raised to be a channel of blessings to everyone who seeks God sincerely. The testimony of those who have been in contact with us is that God has placed His name, His power and His word in our congregations. The term “Catholic” in the name is used in its original and proper sense. It means something that is “universal” or “meant for all”. WCCRM is a truly international Christian organisation made up of men and women who have volunteered their lives and resources to help people experience the love of God on earth and hereafter. You too can be a member. We are here to provide support based on the truth of God’s word to help you build a life with firm foundation on holiness and godly character.

To the Glory of God, WCCRM is raised to accomplish these five-fold evangelistic, restorative and renewal assignment;

  1. We have been raised to restore the things that have been lost in the Christendom in the course of time due to the influence of the world and the schemes of Satan. Some of these things that have been lost include: new-life experience of genuine Christians, the apostolic mission of church leaders, the exemplary life of Christian leaders, the practical holy nature of the church, the vibrant/evangelistic nature of the church, the Christ only nature of the church, the praying nature of the church and the unworldly nature of the church.
  1. We have been raised to bring the Light of Salvation to several billions of people around the world, who do not relate with Christianity at all. These include those who are called atheists, indifferent people, freethinkers, philosophers, and various categories of religious people.
  1. We have been raised to bring Oneness, Restoration and Renewal to the Body of Christ (The Church). Our vision is to work towards the oneness of the Body of Christ, the Church, which is presently in shreds. It is also our vision to see that the ancient landmark of not being Jews or Greeks in all areas of life, but another race (as the early church was defined to be, and as the Lord declared), is rediscovered. This however does not imply that all the various denominations and ministries will come under one umbrella or one name-tag.
  1. We have been raised to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to heal the sick and to deliver those that are possessed and oppressed by the devils. Testimonies abound of healings and deliverances as Watchman ministers all over the world, and in all meetings, but particularly, the Charismatic hour fellowships, minister the word of God under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

We have been raised as an Instrument of warning to all other people who reject the message of love that we bring and lose their souls eventually and eternally. The WCCRM has been in the forefront of   sternly warning the peoples of the world and their rulers against dangers of continuing in the evils of bloodletting through avoidable wars and through abortion, wickedness, Satanism, occultism and sexual immorality. Those who hear and change the way they live will escape the danger, however those who block their ears and close their eyes (as many have already done) will face the danger of real and tangible hell.