IGMC Rapture Briefs

Update Your Spiritual Resume

How often do believers count on the progress and success they made several years ago but care less about how much they do for the Lord today? We all know the likelihood of being denied a job offer because of unaccounted date or experience gaps in one’s resume and how people lie to make those up. However, we seem to be comfortable with many fruitless years in our spiritual lives. As men striving to join the Lord during the rapture, we should not meet God fruitless. Recall the parable of our Lord Jesus Christ about the nobleman who committed his business to his servants before he departed to a far country (Lk. 19:12-27). The moral of that parable demonstrates that the Lord appreciates when we add to our spiritual resumes by occupying in His work. The parable also shows that the Lord frowns at those who leave His business unattended. This is why the Lord’s vision for the end-time includes various activities to make believers more fruitful while increasing the number of those ready for the rapture.

Pause for a moment and reflect on what your spiritual resume would look like today. How good and up-to-date would it be, if you were to present it before the Lord? When last did you accomplish anything for our Lord Jesus Christ which can be considered an experience worthy to be added to that spiritual resume? What efforts are you making to ensure the prosperity of the Lord’s end-time business, as part of your spiritual resume building? Assume for a moment that entry into heaven depends on how much you have done for God on earth, what in your spiritual resume would qualify you for heaven? Praise God that it is by grace we are saved, not for any work we have done. Nevertheless, there will be categories of rewards for the works done for our Lord on this earth (1 Cor. 3:8-15). Shame on any believer who withholds his hand from working for the Lord but reasoning that making it to heaven is just sufficient. As you think today of the beautiful heaven and prepare to stand before your Savior, will he say to you, thanks for letting me touch souls through you? In the words of Eliza Hewitt, will there be any stars in your crown? Please update your spiritual resume before Christ returns! (Posted March 2016).

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