Programs & Activities

In a world filled with activities that mainly address the need of the flesh, spiritual bankruptcy can arise if believers ignore the need of fellowship. Consequently in Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, we do not neglect the gathering of ourselves together. Our fellowship programs are packed with spiritual nutrients capable of transforming the worst of lives and sustaining the believer as he waits for the Lord’s return. These meetings target all aspects of life to make one every whit whole. We boast to say that God through His Spirit attends our meetings.

We strongly encourage you to be physically present in the following fellowship activities. Where such is not possible, you can also connect to the programs by dialing + 1 (760)-569-7676 and using the access code 607858#.

Sunday Light Fellowship: The Sunday Light fellowship is a time of revelation and restoration based on God’s infallible word as it proceeds from the mouths of the anointed oracles of God. From the WCCRM’s pulpit of many colors, timely messages for the hour are dished out to prepare every Watchman. The Sunday Light Fellowship starts at 10 am every Sunday.

Charismatic Hour: Midweek services are called the Charismatic Hour. The Charismatic Hour fellowship is a time of the manifestation of the miracle-working power of God as he comes down uniquely to roll away the insurmountable problems in the lives of as many as there are who place unshakable and implicit faith in Him. The Charismatic Hour holds on Wednesdays by 7 pm.

Weekly Bible Study: The Friday Bible Study is a time of the in-depth and systematic study of the word of God. The ways and the mind of God are revealed as we comb through the word of God line by line, precept upon precept. Every Friday by 7 pm, we search the scriptures to unearth the hidden treasures of God.

Maturity Class: To become a full-fledged Watchman, especially the type of Watchman worth his or her salt and unquestionably conversant with the teachings and the doctrinal positions of the Movement, one must need to pass through, receive and thoroughly absorb a systematic series of teachings which are called Maturity Classes. Starting from the first class which talks about Salvation, a prospective Watchman (especially those who are desirous of being named workers in the ministry), is meticulously instructed on key doctrinal positions of the Watchman ministry. At the end of these classes, a person is expected to be able to defend the Watchman position on points of doctrine. The Maturity Classes hold on Saturday at the church by 5 pm.

Women’s General Fellowship: The Watchman Women’s Fellowship is exclusively reserved for the women in the ministry. It is a time when women are taught, exhorted, and encouraged to be shining lights to the gentiles; it inculcates in women specific traits or attributes that will aid their Christian walk and also richly bless their personal and familial lives. This special meeting holds quarterly (4 times in a year) on the first Saturday of the designated month.

Charismatic Week: Every year, in commemoration of the inaugural month of the WCCRM in the USA, we are treated to a special week of powerful Charismatic ministrations. Anointed ministers of God will deliver special faith-boosting and healing services on a daily basis for one blessed week. The Lord comes down to visit the needs of the people, so this is a time that is better experienced than explained. Do not be found missing during our upcoming Charismatic Week. There will always be special announcements as the days draw near. The services will begin by 7 pm on weekdays and end with a 10 am Sunday Light service.