To be spiritually alive or dead depends on how much of the Word of God is in a person. People are often very concerned with their physical well-being but pay disproportionately little or no attention to their spiritual well-being. Physical training helps us keep fit and healthy while spiritual exercise keeps us spiritually active and alive. Moreover, spiritual exercises have God’s promise for both the present and the coming life. The Lord has blessed us with spiritual resources with which he nourishes our souls and in which we exercise our spiritual beings. As such, we are constantly renewed to be able to conquer sin and Satan. We invite you to nourish your spiritual life with the powerful, illuminating, and faith-strengthening resources found here. His word is for all sincere seekers!

This Resources section is broadly divided into three. We bring to you in some written form the Watchman’s 3-fold end-time project—which has inspired many goals-focusing messages over the years; secondly, there are special Publications—wherein you will be able to find from time to time virtual or electronic versions of special articles, books, booklets/pamphlets, magazine publications or other relevant print media; and finally, there are selected Audio and Video resources available for your enrichment.