Model Believers & Ministers

January 22, 2017

Memory Scripture: Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you. (Phil. 4:9).

A model is a person or thing to be copied. The Holy Scriptures – the story of God and man is full of model characters for us in the later generations. The injunction of the same scriptures is that we consciously copy these models (Phil. 4:9; Heb. 6:12; 13:7).

If any, who are said to be believers or ministers fall short of scriptural standard, such are no believers or ministers.

Today’s texts reveal three models whom we must all consciously copy if we want to be where they are now, viz:-


Abraham is not only the spiritual father of those who believe, but a complete challenge to whosoever is named by the name of Christ (Heb. 13:7; Heb. 6:12).

From the ten verses of this narrative, the following challenging qualities are unveiled:-

a. He knew, before the men spoke that they were heavenly visitors - Gen. 18:1-3. The need to readily know who they are that approach us in these last and evil days cannot be over (emphasized Matt. 22:18; Acts 8:23; 14:19).

b. His hospitality, despite the heat of the day is rather compelling and an eye opener for those who want a reward in heaven (Gen. 18:4-8; Matt. 10:42; Mark 9:41).

c. Abraham was strong enough to run out to meet his guests at the age of above 99 years, proving that God will give even physical strength to faithful ones; even at old age (Gen. 18:2,7; Jos 14:6-12).

d. He was confident that nothing questionable was in his house hence he readily invited the heavenly visitors to draw nearer his tent (Gen. 18:3, )

e. Abraham and wife were not slothful in business. Sarah could make ready fine meal within a short time (Gen. 18:6-8; Rom. 12:11; Heb. 6:12).

f. Abraham did not go to borrow anything because he had everything he needed, and that, from God (Gen. 18:4-10; 14:22-23; Phil. 4:9).

2. MARY, A MODEL BELIEVER (Luke 10:38-42)

Mary and Martha were sisters, but Mary was and still is a model listener to the word of God. Martha did a good thing - showed hospitality, but Mary did a better thing. Where there is a better thing, a good thing is not sufficient, and where there is the best thing, a better thing is not sufficient.

What a number of parishioners, like Martha, who are troubled and concerned with even legitimate things “that can hold no water in the end of life”!

3. PAUL, A MODEL MINISTER (Col. 1:24-28)

There are God-made ministers as well as man-made/self-made ones. The former are superior (in the sight of God). The former are spiritual, but the latter are carnal, who don’t understand the things of the Spirit (1Cor. 2:14); the former are crucified to the world and the world crucified to them (Gal 6:14) but the latter love this present world (2Tim. 4:10).

The following are the lessons from the five verses of the above reading:

a. God-made ministers suffer and rejoice in their suffering for the body of Christ (the Church) knowing that these are the afflictions that Christ left behind with the gospel (Col. 1:24, Phil.1:29).

b. Man-made ministers, i.e. pastors, teachers, evangelists, priests, nuns, etc, never fulfill the word of God in the lives of the people, but God-made ministers like Paul, Peter, and Barnabas do (Col. 1:25).

c. From man-made ministers will God hide His mysteries, but to God-made ministers, mysteries are manifest (Col. 1:25-27; Gen. 18:16-17).

d. God-made ministers preach Christ only and warn and teach every man in all wisdom, so as to present every man perfect in Christ, but for man-made/self-made minister, this is an impossible task (Col. 1:28).

Fellowship Song

I Love To Walk With Jesus (HSCF 185)

I Will Not Let You Go, Except You Bless Me!

December 21, 2016


All believers in Christ, especially members of this Movement are called to be Warriors (skilled fighters). The target of our enemy is to capture the human soul; hence using all means to resist things that make for the believers’ good living on the planet, earth.

Today, we are taking our message from the doggedness of a bible-time warrior who wrestled with a representative of heaven.

We shall look at (a) The Warrior’s Travail, (b) The Winning Tactics.


It is not unusual to experience challenges that could turn to travails while living on the earth (Job 14:1), but the travail of Jacob was sequel to his previous supplanting activities (Gen.27:27-36 cp. Gal.6:7). He had the paralyzing fear of losing not just his life but also his family esp. Joseph, Rachel, and his possessions (Gen.32:6-8, 33:1-3). Although convinced that his travail at Peniel was consequent upon his past dealings, Jacob didn’t succumb to the weight of any condemnation to return to servitude in Laban’s house (cons. Acts 24:16, Rom.8:1).

The believer while ensuring that he maintains a holy life, must not allow past negative life experiences to weigh him down or take him captive. After repentance and supervised restitution (where applicable) one should become positive. (Cons. Phil.4:8; Rom.8:31).

NB. when Jacob was overwhelmed by the possible consequence of his dishonest deeds, he did something positive.

(B) THE WINNING TACTICS (Prov.14:23; Gen.32:9-12)

Jacob labored in prayers reminding God of His Word (promises) unto him.

The child of God must learn to wholeheartedly trust God, and standing on the scriptures, call upon Him whenever there is a challenge; for the Lord will assuredly answer (cons. Ex.15:26, Deut. 7:12-15, 2 Chron. 7:14, Ps. 51:1-13, 103:1-5, Jer. 33:3; Rom.8:28).

The divine principle of success through perseverance was dramatized in the wrestling scenario (Gen.32:24-26, 33:1-4; 1 Sam.1:6-18; Lk. 18:1-7). It must not be forgotten that prior to the realization of Jacob’s desire, the obstacle constituted by his ‘negative name’ was removed (Gen.32:27-28).

So, there is a major place for removal of obstacles to blessings if victory is being sought. Such obstacles include: sin (Jer. 5:25), fear, doubt, unbelief, bad attitude or habit, poor sanitary conditions, laziness, carelessness/carefree attitude, indiscreet spending etc.

The warrior must understand his terrain (environment) so as to apply the appropriate strategy.

Tonight and in the coming December 2016 retreat, let us resolve and wrestle until our promised blessings are realized (cons. Eze. 12:28). We must terminate the operations of the enemy, putting down all strongholds in our lives. We shall pour out our hearts until a positive response comes from Heaven!

Fellowship Song

When I Prayed Through (HSCF 237)

Behold He Cometh To Bless

December 18, 2016

The December retreat 2016 is around the corner and the Almighty God is coming down in a great way to bless the Watchmen and all who will participate in the meeting. This is because He is the Architect of our yearly convocations. There is therefore the need for adequate preparation for the Lord’s visitation (cons. Jos. 3:5)

The children of Israel were commanded to prepare to meet with their God and He (God) eventually visited them. As we get ourselves prepared, the Lord God will bless us spiritually, physically and materially (cons. Prov.14:23, Isa. 45:19). The message shall be coming under the following sub-headings: (1). The Needed Preparation and (2). The Blessings.

1. THE NEEDED PREPARATION (Isa. 62:10; Deut. 23:14).

Awareness and appreciation of who God is and what He can do will propel us to prepare adequately and be expectant. We should not hesitate to give up anything which stands as a barrier to receiving from Him(Isa. 59:1-2). God cannot make use of vessels that are hitherto polluted, therefore those vessels require purging (cons. 2 Tim. 2:21).

Garments of righteousness that have been soiled must be washed just as the children of Israel were told to wash their clothes as part of their preparation to meet their God.

Hearts must be prepared to remain the temple of God only (Exo. 19:10; 1 Sam. 7:3). When we prepare for Him, surely He will be prepared for us. Don’t forget that people preparing for a visitation are always expectant.

2. THE BLESSINGS (Eze. 34:26).

God is ever ready to bless His people especially those who wait for Him (Isa.40:31). He will revive us and restore all lost possessions in Jesus’ name. His blessings include: restoration of physical health and spiritual life, release of gifts, favor, breakthroughs etc (Jer. 30:17; 2 Kgs. 8:5-6).

Today, the Lord wants us to have a foretaste of these blessings. “If thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God” (Jn. 11:40). Let all those who believe this report rise up and tell the Lord that they want to have a foretaste of these miracles.

Fellowship Song

God Is Here, And That To Bless Us (HSCF 206)

Spirit Of God (HSCF 207)

When True Seekers Meet

December 14, 2016

The LORD has no time for frivolities, and so, does not speak empty and idle words. Every word that proceeds from His mouth is living and powerful, active and reliable. The above being the case, the word of the LORD on seeking and finding is true and effective in all ramifications (Matt. 7:7-10). Our message today titled When True Seekers Meet, will take a look at different kinds of seekers, and review what happens when seekers meet.

I. KINDS OF SEEKERS (Lk. 19:1-6, 10)

From our text, we can identify two kinds of seekers, namely: The seeker from above and the seeker from beneath (this world). (Jn. 8:23). Seekers from beneath are those seeking one thing or the other as a matter of the needs of this life, while the Seeker from above seeks the truly needy to help them. Zachaeus is an example of seekers from beneath, while the LORD Jesus Christ is the seeker from above.

While Jesus came from above to seek and to save the lost, (Lk. 19:10). Zachaeus, came from this world (beneath) seeking to see and to embrace the Savior in order to be saved (Lk. 19:1-6). However, among the seekers from beneath there are the sincere and insincere seekers. The insincere seekers are those who seek the LORD, for selfish and temporal ends/purposes (Jn. 6:24-27). All such insincere seekers are this day advised to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt. 6:31-33).


When sincere seekers beneath meet the Seeker from above, there is a mutual attraction that yields eternal dividends.

Zachaeus was singled out of the whole multitude of supposed seekers of Christ that crowded around him. Not only was Jesus attracted to him (Zachaeus), He paid him a unique visit that made a historical and remarkable change in the entire life of Zachaeus (Lk. 19:5-9). One fact and truth of our faith is that sincere seekers of this earth do by divine arrangements meet or encounter the seeker from above who makes the desired impact in their lives. Insincere seekers, on their part receive rebukes, chastisement and wrath from the LORD (Acts 8:18-23)


Each day and time we gather unto the LORD, an opportunity is created for sincere seekers of this earth to meet with the LORD, whose main interest is to make positive impressions or impact in our lives. It follows that this night as we are gathered in His presence, sincere seekers must definitely receive His touch in different manners, forms and dimensions, ranging from transformation of lives, to healing, deliverance, fruitfulness and what have you.

From the 24th to 26th December, 2016 at the December retreat of the Watchman, sincere seekers of this world will meet with the heavenly host on a mission of seeking men and women to bless. It promises to open a flood gate of unprecedented spiritual outpouring from above. Who can afford to miss it? Surely no one.

Before then, Why not rise up now to join the company of sincere seekers who must be blessed tonight.